A journey in a country boat into the pristine purity of a typical village backwater of Kerala.... goes through the zigzagging narrow canals and paddy fields fringed with coconut palms.....watch rare birds....country boat making....a natural fish farm where you can go fishing.... You will witness coir making, toddy tapping before you end up your exclusive experience in our Farm House for lunch -a delicious traditional Kerala dish  under a tree.....

While scrolling through this amazing village, you will watch the common life of the villagers for their livelihood. You will see them fishing in the river, the women do the coir making, a toddy tapper who does his job as a routine, men climbing the coconut trees to pluck the coconuts, later peeling the same to prepare to dry and make oil extraction possible. Its all about a life experience which you will cherish throughout your life.

Village Backwater Cruise

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