Road to Sustainability

Which is the latest crisis you could turn into an opportunity? Or would you like to listen to our story on this?

In March 2020, we were supposed to meet Ms Alexandra of Fair Voyage, Switzerland at ITB, Berlin. Unfortunately everything got cancelled due to the Covid Pandemic .But still we progressed our discussions online where we finally agreed to work together. But just on one condition. Though Keralavoyages was known for its Sustainable initiatives, especially the Community Oriented Responsible Tourism programs, Fair Voyage had a condition that we should be Travelife engaged and work towards a Sustainability certification.

Fortunately due to the lock downs followed by zero business, our entire team decided to do different modules of Sustainability trainings and started reporting our Sustainability on Travelife platform. In May 2020, we became the first Travelife Partner Tour Operator in Kerala and in November 2020, Keralavoyages was awarded Travelife Certified status, as the first one in India. Our excitement was on understanding how sustainable we were these years, but never tried for an evaluation or audit.

Though small in size, our company did not have to send out any of our employees including our drivers .We paid all of them a decent sustenance allowance, in spite of absolutely zero revenue. Now we look forward for the upcoming season to do better and give a testimony on how important is to do sustainable business.

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