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Keralavoyages India Pvt Ltd-Sustainable Tourism Mission Statement
At Keralavoyages, we believe in the co existence of Man & Environment and to contribute towards the best sustainable practices in Tourism. Our main focus is to reduce the negative impacts of Tourism on Socio-cultural, economic and environmental areas and bring in the best positive practices to support the local community. All our products and services will be towards improving the sustainability of our suppliers, team members and destinations. We will thrive our best to bring in most sustainable practices internally and externally. We will also try to educate our customers on possible improvisations of itineraries towards more sustainability with a focus on reduced CO2 emissions without affecting the individual preferences of a traveler. We are also committed to discuss with our partners about the possibility of reducing the carbon emissions connected to a travel.

We Craft Tours That Brings a WOW !

Tour Makers is an extended arm of KERALA VOYAGES (INDIA) PVT. LTD., is the first Travelife Certified Tour Operator in India working towards best Sustainability practices internally and externally

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