Dos & Don'ts


  • Always travel through a professional Tour Operator

  • Demand for detailed travel itinerary with clear inclusions

  • Travel with a valid visa for the period you are in India

  • Communicate with your Local Tour Operator for any special assistance or attention

  • Avail Mobile connections for tourists, if needed, at arrival airports. You can’t get a sim activated if you buy outside the Arrival Airport

  • Change your currencies at authorised centres only

  • If you wish to withdraw money from ATM machines, using an International Debit/Credit Card, please opt for an ATM in a major city attached to a bank branch 

  • Approach Local Police or Tourist Police for any assistance in time of need

  • If you opt to stay overnight on a Housboat, please insist for a licensed Houseboat Operator

  • Always take care of your personal belongings and valuables

  • Ask your driver to lock the car when you keep your valuables inside the car and go out for a meal or snack

  • Ensure that you have a local Tour Operator who is an accredited agency

  • Use only licensed guides for sightseeing

  • While doing adventure tours like trekking etc. go with an expert

  • Feel free to ask for any kind of clarifications to your agent before you land in India

  • Understand the local culture regarding dressing etc especially during visits to religious centers.

  • Take the advice of your guide/driver regarding the daily visits where you may have to remove your shoes, follow a particular dress pattern etc.

  • Always carry your departure flight ticket copy in print or on mobile for entering any airports in India.


  • India doesn’t offer Visa on Arrival but only E-Visa. So don’t travel without an E Travel Advice to India which will be exchanged for a visa on arrival. Log on to to check eligibility and apply for an E Visa

  • Don’t drink tap water

  • Think before you light up your cigarette. Throughout India, smoking in public is an offence. Smoking is allowed in designated areas and private places

  • Don’t walk around in the dark corners of any city without a local guidance

  • Don’t travel at night to hill stations or remote destinations

  • Don’t eat street food unless you have a proper guidance by a known local person, your driver, guide etc.

  • Don’t take photographs at Special Schools, Orphanages etc. without the permission of the authorities

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